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Ethos & Values


Our aim is to develop in all of our students the love of learning, intellectual curiosity, skills and qualities of character needed to become successful, happy and engaged members of society.

Kingsbury High School's Core Values

Aspiration Integrity Respect Responsibility Resilience

Being optimistic about the future.

Being ambitious in everything we do.

Being unwavering in our expectation that all can succeed and meet their potential.

Being honest about our strengths and weaknesses.

Being open about decisions and doing what we say we will do.

Being prepared to apologise if we get things wrong.

Being considerate of the views of, and our impact on, different groups and the community.

Being proud about what makes each one of us different.

Being accountable for our actions.

Being clear about what we expect.

Being aware of our impact on the environment.

Being explicit in developing physical and emotional wellbeing.

Being prepared to go 'the extra mile'.