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Work Experience

To support students with their employability skills and understanding of professional working environments, our Year 12 students are expected to undertake compulsory work placements in the Summer term, either virtually or in-person, as a part of our Key Stage 5 curriculum. Year 12 students are responsible for securing their own placements during the designated days in the Summer Term, with the support of the Sixth Form Team and parents/carers.

Key Objectives for the Year 12 Work Experience Programme:

  • To help students to understand how commerce and industries operate.
  • To facilitate students' understanding of the relevance of their chosen post-18 subjects/courses to the world of work.
  • To help students gain a greater sense of maturity, independence and self-confidence.
  • To support students to find work placements which are related to their chosen career paths or higher education aspirations (including  university courses).

Work Experience Support

  • The KHS work experience programme was first introduced in March 2023 to Year 12 students. Prior to this, the students were supported to develop their employability skills and research potential post-18 pathways/careers during Start the Day Right (registrations) and Excel Days.
  • Over 75% of our Year 12 students were able to secure either in-person or virtual work experience in 2023.
  • For those who are unable to secure work experience, we offer an 'in-school' work experience programme which consists of visiting speakers from a range of sectors, who share industry insights with students and encourage them to engage with tasks designed to further develop their soft skills. Students are additionally assigned to different faculty areas and/or departments within the school to support and assist with tasks.
  • During their placements, all Year 12 students are encouraged to complete a work experience report in order to reflect upon the skills they have developed, including areas of strengths and development. Experiences and information gathered can be used by Year 12 when writing personal statements.