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School Meals

Kingsbury High School takes pride in its in-house catering service which provides our students with a wide range of healthy, fresh and affordable meals, all within a welcoming, safe and comfortable environment. 

In the Lower School, we have two dining halls where students come together and eat freshly prepared hot and cold meals at breaks and lunchtimes. We follow the government's nutrition guidelines so food and drinks options are healthy and menus are well-balanced.

In the Upper School, we have a cosy pavilion dining area where students can chose from a range of salads, pastas, sandwiches and jacket potatoes. This provides a great socialising space that looks out over Kingsbury's broad green sports fields.

The Sixth Form cafe offers freshly made espresso coffee, cappuccino and hot chocolate, as well as hot and cold bread and cake snacks, and is exclusively available to Sixth Form students. The cafe has vending machines so that Sixth Formers alone can access soft drinks, crisps and chocolate.

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Please click on the expandable section below for information on Free School Meals (FSM).

Your child is entitled to a free school meal everyday if you receive any of the following benefits:

Click here to apply.