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Ofsted Good GP ColourKingsbury High School was mostly recently visited by Ofsted, the school inspection body, in February 2024. We are delighted that this visit confirmed that the school continues to provide a good standard of education to our students.

Some highlights from the Inspection report
  • A high value is placed on the ethos and values that pupils learn, for example as a Unicef Rights Respecting School. 
  • The school has high expectations for all pupils’ achievement, and addresses any barriers faced by those who are vulnerable or disadvantaged in any way. 
  • Staff want the best for pupils. They have very warm working relationships with pupils and know them well.
  • The school ensures that pupils achieve well and they feel happy and safe at school. 
  • Pupils feel happy and safe at school… (they) know they can talk to a member of staff if they have concerns.
  • Pupils appreciate why good behaviour matters. They understand the ‘Kingsbury Way’, which focuses on respect for self, others and the environment. 

The excellence of the Sixth Form provision was also celebrated with inspectors commenting that: 

  • Sixth form students enjoy an exceptional educational experience. They are taught by highly knowledgeable teachers who are aspirational for their futures.
  • They (the teachers) teach complex ideas with clarity. As a result, Sixth form students achieve very high outcomes.

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