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At Kingsbury High School the purpose of studying a foreign language is to provide students an opening to other cultures. Languages are part of the cultural richness of our society and the world in which we live and work. Learning languages contributes to mutual understanding, a sense of global citizenship and personal fulfilment. The ability to understand and communicate in another language is a lifelong skill for education, employment and leisure in this country and throughout the world.

Learning languages gives students opportunities to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and to express themselves with increasing confidence, independence and creativity. They explore the similarities and differences between other languages and English and learn how language can be manipulated and applied in different ways. The development of communication skills, together with understanding of the structure of language, lay the foundations for future study of other languages and support the development of literacy skills in a pupil’s own language.

The University of Cambridge highlights the importance of learning French:

"The French are our nearest neighbours, with whom we have been interacting throughout our history. French is a major world language, spoken not only in several European countries, but in Canada, Africa, and the Caribbean, and the influence of France on European culture has been massive from medieval times to the present. In literature (poetry, drama, the novel), philosophy, the visual arts, and cinema, its achievements are second to none. You will find French immensely rewarding to study."


Exam Qualifications


  • Y7, Y8 and Y9 European Experience Trip to popular European markets in Northern France/Germany
  • Y9 & Y10 trips to European cities: Madrid, Paris, Cologne.
  • Residential trips to Normandy (France)
  • British Film Institute Short Films Study days
  • Spanish partner school correspondence and collaborations
  • KS4 and KS5 educational conferences and workshops featuring the contents of study, outings to the theatre
  • Trinity College (Cambridge University) languages workshop for Y11s

Year 9 Options

The study of Modern Languages offers a range of experiences inaccessible to those who only speak English.  Being able to speak to a foreign person in their own tongue is an experience not to be missed.  Learning a foreign language broadens your horizons, creates an understanding of human nature, helps you learn how to learn, teacher and encourages respect for other people and contributes to cultural awareness.

The business world is in need of people who are multi-lingual because of the global economy. You will be an asset to any business with more than one language at your disposal. Many employers will pay you more for this (8%-20%).

When you have a language the possibilities are endless!

Facts about French:

There are currently approximately 67 million people with French as their first language, and it is spoken in 60 countries around the world.

French is the only language other than English spoken on five continents. French and English are the only two global languages!

French, along with English, is the official working language of: The United Nations, The International Olympic Committee, The Council of Europe and the European Court of Justice

Choose French if:

  • You want to develop your communicate skills.
  • You want to be skilful at making connections.
  • You want to keep your mind sharp.
  • You want to stand out.
  • You want to broaden your professional opportunities.
  • You want to boost your employability.
  • You want to develop a critical mind to navigate our global community.

Graduates in subjects like business and any technology-related courses who can offer a language as well, are in a position to use this ‘difference’ as a means to distinguish themselves from the majority of people applying for a job. Be that person and choose a language now! Choose French!




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