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Health & Social Care

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Health and Social Care is a much discussed and increasingly relevant topic in today’s society. The positive or negative impact of physical, intellectual, emotional and social health, ill health and well-being influences us all.

From the development of new treatments for cancer, improvements in maternity care, new vaccines for viruses, new health and care techniques used in hospital, or the latest counselling and mentoring techniques used in social care, this subject enables students to actively explore a variety of different Health and Social Care topics which directly link to the working world, health and ill health and how we as people influence and make up society.

Our curriculum intent in Health and Social Care is to link the diverse and engaging learning opportunities in the classroom to the real life future opportunities and rewarding careers that are available to our students. Students studying this course at KHS have gone on to study midwifery at City University, child nursing at King's College London, biomedical science at Westminster and primary education at Roehampton University. 


Exam Qualifications

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma Exam Board: Pearson Edexcel



Many of our students participate in the school's HSLA programme and volunteer at other school events. During the 2021-22 academic year, 1 of our year 13 students was put forward for and awarded a Bronze National BTEC award, chosen from a pool of thousands of applicants nationwide.

We regularly host employer speaking events and visits, the most recent being a Consultant Radiologist from the Royal Free Hospital in February 2022, and an NHS taster day at Northwick Park Hospital.

There are also two weeks of work experience placements in relevant health and social care settings in the second year of the course. We are fortunate that this subject and content lends itself to many aspects of our local and global community, so we are always developing and improving our enrichment opportunities.